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Photo Story: Spain

My route into Spain from France followed the northern coastline. Wonderfully scenic, but also incredibly hilly. Bakio beach was one of a number of stunning surf spots on this stretch close to Bilbao. It was at this stage in The Big Africa Cycle that I realised I really didn’t need to be carrying a pair of hair clippers and an Italian expresso maker! When I got to Santiago de Compostela, at the end of the famous Camino de Santiago, I lightened my load by sending a package back home.


  1. There is absolutely no acceptable reason for NOT carrying an Italian espresso maker! I always* carry a small one and it delivers two shots of happiness in mere seconds.

    *Always, in this case, refers to any overnight bike-powered trip. I still cannot bring myself to carry the added weight in a backpack.

    • It’s not just about the weight with this thing. They don’t pack particularly well either, although on many occasions I did regret ditching it.

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