I was born in London, but grew up in a small village in Nottinghamshire with fond memories of my Raleigh bikes. After graduating from the University of London with a Geography degree I quickly found my wanderlust backpacking through Southern Africa. I later stumbled upon the  storiesphotos and books of people exploring the World on two wheels. In 2003 I moved to Japan to teach English and two years later began  The Long Ride Home, a 50,000km bicycle journey back home.

A Long Ride Home

On returning in 2008 I used my Photography and experience from the road to speak to a range of audiences. I have also contributed to the Adventure Cycle Touring Handbook, the CTC magazine, Adventure Cycling Magazine and been mentioned in various on-line and foreign travel publications.

In 2009 I began the Big Africa Cycle, cycling from England to South Africa. I finished in 2012, having cycled over  34,000km through 30 countries. At some point I might just cross over the Atlantic and embark on a trip through the Americas, but my current focus is to write a book about the African experience.

On the road in Tibet