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Beating Beaumont

Many people, cyclists and non-cyclists, will have heard of Mark Beaumont. He’s the man who got himself into the Record Books earlier this year for the fastest circumnavigation of the World by bicycle. Several days ago I saw something on TV about another UK cyclist planning to head out and break it. And then yesterday I listened to an interesting podcast on Andrew and Friedel’s website. They’re two Canadians I almost met in Syria last year. They recently interviewed Alan Bate, yet another Brit who plans to smash the current record by some 20 days. 

There are probably many more, hoping for the kind of media attention that Mark received. I’m not sure what’s harder for these guys – coping with the physical exertion or the frustration at not being able to stop and appreciate what passes them by? I know what would be harder for me.


  1. I agree with you – in some ways his is quite a sad story. Heinz chose his normal life to be that of travelling the World on a bicycle. I’m curious to know what motivates him to keep going – hopefully more than ticking new countries and roads off. It was his simple story and photos that first inspired me though.

  2. Heinz is the man! Extraordinary journeys. That booklet is such a cool thing. He really has seen it all.
    Interestingly, however, I always held him up as a reason why I should STOP riding rather than continue for decades. I felt there was a law of diminishing returns to the rewards of travel, and a merit to stopping in time to put the lessons learnt into practice in a ‘normal’ life…
    Cool guy though!

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