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Peter Gostelow

Adventure cycling

Finding Heinz’s book

Sifting through the magazine rack the other day I came across Heinz Stucke’s book. It’s actually more of a pamphlet that he apparently sells in cities around the World. I was given a copy in the Flying Ball bike shop in Hong Kong several years ago – a favourite stopping place at one time for this life-long cycling nomad. The last I heard he was in Australia. My friend Tim spotted him in a charity shop in Australia earlier this year and shared a few beers with him.

 Apart from the photos its the World map I’m drawn to. There are lines criss-crossing every continent to show where he’s pedalled in the last 40 years. Only Greenland and northern Russia have escaped Mr Stucke’s tyre tracks. When he finally, if ever, stops riding his 3-speed bicycle he might write a book about it all.

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