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Peter Gostelow

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Photography with Texture

I was up late last night roaming through various Flickr photos and discovering how many amazing pictures people around the World are taking. Like this guy who uses a technique called HDR Photography to give his photos a rich texture. I can’t decide if I like the technique, but it certainly makes for evocative stuff.


  1. Hi Peter,

    Yeah HDR is a really sweet technique – check out to see some great examples as well as a few links on how to do it 🙂

  2. Hi Peter,

    See you added me to your “following.”

    Not really sure what Twitter is about, but am sure it’s not easy to use. They need to hire Neil as a contractor.

    For instance, I see a number of blog lead ins on your page, but can’t seem to access them. Tried to send a question about this to Twitter forum, and got ding “your email address is not registered” which makes no sense at all. They sent me a email when I signed on. Oh well.

    Best I just stick to CG.

    Looking forward to Africa.

    J. Harp

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