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Shocking and Sad

It’s always shocking and sad to hear about cyclists being injured or killed on the road. Shortly after I returned last year I read about Ian Hibbell dying in a hit and run whilst cycling in Greece. More Google searches reveal other stories of cyclists who’ve met their death on the road. The news is even more poignant when you’ve met the cyclist.  

 I  just read on the Lonely Planet website about a German cyclist killed in a collision with a truck in New Zealand. I met Stephan Stoermer in Kashgar in July 2007. He was then one year into his World trip and about to continue through Tibet on what I remember to be a very overloaded bicycle. Hearing of his death reminded me how lucky I was to avoid any serious injuries or accidents during all that time on the road. Stephan was about to return home, but had plans to keep touring for many years. My thoughts go out to his family and any one else who knew him well.

Stephan  Stoermer


  1. yes we are all lucky at sideof road
    but this acedendent appers to be caused by cyclist ,not being far enof on shoulder.look at the pic

  2. E’ triste sapere di uomini che scelgono di vivere un sogno come girare il mondo in bicicleta e questo viene infranto in un istante loro che hanno attraversato lo spazio e il tempo dando un ritmo lento e libero. Comunque per chi lo ha conosciuto lui rimane sempre un viaggiatore nel mondo in bicicletta e ci sarà sempre chi continuerà il suo sogno.

  3. This is awful news, Stephan visited the shop I work in in Wellington about ten days ago and we had a long conversation about cycle touring and travel. Quite shocking, I remember his so clearly.

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