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Peter Gostelow

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Another very Long Ride

I usually think I’ve seen most websites dedicated to bicycle touring. I only discovered Glen Sabberton’s blog a few days ago. He recently returned home from an epic 3-year ride. Here’s the opening paragraph of his last update. The rest is definitely worth a read. 

It had been bubbling up for over a week. A slowly expanding, intractable mind boggle of all that it was to finish something bigger than oneself. Pushing up from down below yet frustratingly held back by a stubborn learned reserve, wise and cautious to the dangers of minds finishing before bicycles. It really was nearly the end and an end evidently in need of attention. I had developed a deep desire not just to gather up and remember the three years I had just spent on a bicycle but to really feel them. To find a way through the hugeness of it all, to appreciate what I had seen, to build a pew from which to view it all. A mysterious need, determined to accept the end as a ‘when’ not an ‘if’.

Glen Sabberton

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