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Top 50 Cycling Blogs

I spend a lot of my free time browsing bicycle-related websites. Many of them are focused on touring, such as this one, this one and this one. There are of course many other kinds of websites or blogs dedicated to the bicycle. I recently came across this Top 50 list list of cycling blogs. It’s a shame there are no touring websites included. Perhaps these should be compiled in a different list altogether. For the coolness factor my favourite is this one

Danish chick


  1. Hey glad you liked my list of blogs – hope it helps you discover some excellent new ones. Feel free to recommend me any that you think I may have missed.
    Stephen – all the pictures on the Copenhagen cycling blogs really make me want to get out there and see it for myself too. Unfortunately the city is slightly outside of my budget so I won’t be including it in a coming trip to Latvia 🙁 definitely a place to visit one day

  2. That Copenhagen cycling blog is a great site, one of my faves too. The last time I looked, they were a bit pre-occupied with showing pretty girls on bikes (but there were so many to look at!), but I thought, my god, Copenhagen’s a lot more civilised than we are, including the cyclists, and the result is a much more liveable city.

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