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Adventure cycling

One year on, five weeks to go

Where has the year gone? On the 12th July 2008 I pedalled the last miles of my Long Ride Home. I wasn’t entirely sure what the year ahead would bring back then, but it was clear in my mind that I’d be beginning another two-wheeled adventure before long.

The year has had its ups and downs – just like anyone elses. There has been plenty of time for reflection and part of me has questioned whether I should abandon the nomadic lifestyle I adopted on the road in favour of something more conventional – whatever that might be. Surely cycling 30,000 miles across thirty countries is a big enough adventure of a lifetime? Why am I about to do it all over again and cycle through Africa?

The simple answer is because I want to. Cycling through Africa had been in my mind long before finishing  The Long Ride Home and I’ve held onto that dream despite all the doubts about doing it that creep into my head. It would have been easy to continue with the English teaching that I began back in February. I even managed to combine this quite well with the talks I was giving in schools and village halls. They were always transient plans however  – money to keep the pot afloat, and I know that if I gave up on the Africa trip I’d possibly regret it in the future. I will continue with the talks by speaking at schools in Europe and Africa to raise funds for the Against Malaria Foundation.

So in less than 5 weeks I’ll be pedaling back out from the front drive to begin another adventure. It’s going to be an exciting and nervous month.


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