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Peter Gostelow

Adventure cycling

Free Wheels East

It seemed like we’d been biking for ages. We had been biking for ages. The port of Dunkirk was nowhere near Dunkirk itself. Somewhere within the bowels of our minds we did remember it being a bit of a way away as it was from Dunkirk that we first rode into France almost three years ago. However, given that our brains often have trouble retaining information on what happened yesterday there was little hope that they might save us from the stressful ride which lay ahead of us.

I recently got in contact with Ben Wylson from Free Wheels East , which documents the story of two cousins cycling the World. They recently made a video and are hoping to broadcast it later this year. Have a look here for information about screenings. Here is a taster of what’s included. Love the cycling with penguins!


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  1. Guy’s enjoyed you short video footage, and, yes having bicycled in China it certainly can get overbearing for sure. Nice to see with fortitude & a little invention you can travel the world.
    Wishing you both the best.
    Wil Davies
    Jungle Wild Adventures

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