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Gear I like: The X-mini speaker

There’s a new look coming to this website soon, and here’s a new topic I plan to be making occasional posts about; gear I like. I’m starting with something small and simple. It’s not wildly exciting, but if you’re off on tour and enjoy music, then consider one of these in your kit-list.

I first read about the X-mini speaker on this excellent biking website, and decided to buy one off Amazon while I was on the road in Africa. It’s hard to find a bad word to say about them.They’re small, lightweight, cheap, durable, discreet, and for their size emit more than a decent enough sound to either play out of your Mp3 player on and off the road, or through your laptop. Mine was often wedged quite sturdily between handlebar bag and my handlebars, and when the roads were long and solitary there was nothing like playing some Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd to see me through to the next town. Should one speaker not be enough there’s the possibility to double up and produce twice the boom.

Another advantage of having the speaker within reach on the handlebars is the ability to adjust the volume when need be while cycling along. This is not quite so easy nor safe when you’re listening to music through headphones and your Ipod is in your pocket or handlebar bag. I also felt more in touch with my surroundings when the speaker was on with the volume down, rather than having earphones blocking out sounds.

I found the battery lasted a solid 12-14 hours of play, and could be easily charged through the USB on my laptop.




  1. My second post (and no I’m not stalking you, just loved the website and find it funny we both have similar expectations and taste in gear 🙂 I too have these speakers in a set of two. I bought them in South Africa, and they are phenominal. I keep them in my handlebar bag and just as Peter said somewhere on this site, it allows me to feel as if I am part of my surroundings, instead of using earbuds etc. Although I did get a few funny looks in tiny villages in Estonia and Hungary while I was jamming to Mumford and Sons passing through.

    • Mumford and Sons – keep meaning to check them out. I’m so out of the loop with new music!

  2. I remember listening Pink Floyd (Echoes) in the Namib desert. Fantastic. I had earbuds though.

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