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Adventure cycling

Photo Stories: France

I’m reliving The Big Africa Cycle. For the next 30 weeks I’ve decided to make one photo story per week for each of the 30 countries I cycled through between England and South Africa. I took many thousands of pictures in those three years. Some will be familiar to those who followed the journey throughout, others I possibly never had the time to upload on the road.

This picture was taken on my second night on the road. And I was literally camping on the road! Mont Saint Michel, one of France’s most famous landmarks, was in view, and about 3km away there was a campsite charging something close to €20 to pitch a tent. I went there the following morning for a cheeky shower, but the previous evening I decided to follow a dis-used road, which ended in a field. It was almost dark when I put the tent up. I had company with me during that first week on the road. You can read what I wrote at the time here.

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