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Peter Gostelow

Adventure cycling

Photo Story: Mauritania

Mauritania is almost all desert, as this picture clearly shows. That red road running down my map gave the impression I was next to the Atlantic, which I suppose I was. In truth I rarely saw the sea. It was February and the midday temperatures were probably at their lowest for the year. Even still, it was in excess of 35°C for much of the day. I was grateful that a tailwind pushed me south towards the border with Senegal. The novelty of cycling through the Sahara had already worn thin by this stage and I was looking forward to the comfort of some shade at the roadside. Mauritania continues to be a no-go travel place if you follow the advice from the Foreign Commonwealth Office. Fortunately I had no security issues. You read more about my time there here.

Red road to Nouakchott

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