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Peter Gostelow

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Photo Story: Guinea

One of the best legacies of French colonisation in Africa is most definitely the fact that you can still buy a baguette in places which certainly aren’t very French feeling anymore. Admittedly the quality and taste of that bread may not be up to French standards, but it’s far better than the white glutinous rubbish that exists as a legacy of British colonisation in countries like Nigeria and Ghana. A village bakery, such as this one in rural Guinea, would typically be constructed of mud brick walls and a palm-thatched roof. Smelling the bread baking as I approached naturally brought an inclination to stop and step inside. Bakeries like this would bake once a day, typically in the morning, and offer only one kind of bread. Knowing this I’d usually buy at least several baguettes, never totally sure when I’d pass another. My first blog post from Guinea can be read here.

Guinean bakery

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