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Adventure cycling

A short tour of England and Wales

In July 2016 I managed to squeeze in a 12-day cycling trip of England and Wales. I say squeeze as a week later I was back in Saudi Arabia, where I moved shortly after finishing my Mwanza-Muscat tour. Don’t ask me why I came here. It’s pretty much for the same reason any other westerner would choose to live and work in the gulf. Geographically some of the country looks like it would be interesting to cycle, but distances are vast and I don’t have the luxury of time to explore.

This short tour of more bucolic surroundings could happily have been extended by another week or two, even a month+. Not for the time being unfortunately.

I tracked my daily progress using a GPS function on my smartphone, which allowed me to create the map below. More photos can be found on this page. I really need to see more of the UK, on two wheels naturally.



  1. Hi. Just found you whilst looking at cycle touring festival site. Your bike is it a Thorn Nomad ? If so how to you rate it.

    • Hi George, Apologies for the delay in replying. It’s a Thorn Raven, so has slighter shorter chain-stay length and less tyre clearance. Still a solid/strong steel steed.

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