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Testing out komoot

Still here – if anyone is reading…. Well it’s almost 2 years since I posted something. The silence can be attributed to a lack of time – significant time anyhow, exploring on two wheels. There have been some short tours – such as the one shown here as part of a 4-day ride I recently made in sunny Dorset and Devon (that’s the south west of England in case you wondered). I used a mapping app called komoot to plan and log the ride, which seems to be gaining popularity amongst cyclists and hikers. One of the great features is that it allows users to add in photos and highlights of their trip, as a means to help others plan their own tour, as well as providing an interactive elevation profile. Sharing the experience is what I’ve always tried to do on my long cycle journeys, mostly through words and photos. These days mapping technology and smartphone apps such as komoot provide extra ways to plan and share a tour. I’m still, and will always be a lover of paper maps, but the benefits of digital technology and the simple and interactive interface of komoot means I’ll be using this mapping software increasingly in the future.


  1. Peter – we are still listening & have often talked about you during the last 3 weeks.
    We have made our fitst ever trip up into Namibia & Caprivi – staying at Engepi Camp & Mukolo camp.
    How the hell you ever cycled all those days alone under the hot sun we can never imagine.

    Keep on living the adventure – Barry & Helen – Cape Town – yoy stayed with us a couple of nights 😉

    • Ha. Thanks. They were indeed long hot days in the sun, and that was during the cooler months. I do miss the Namibian expanses of silence and beauty, as well as life on the road, which will call me back.

  2. Thanks for an update

    I have checked on your blog a couple times wondering what happened after getting back to th U.K.

    • Thanks. It has mostly been inactive without me adventuring on two wheels. Hopefully that will change when I finish my Masters studies and this current teaching job in the gulf. I do post pictures on my instagram account @petegost every few days.

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