Welcome to The Big Africa Cycle website. My name is Peter Gostelow and between 2009-2012 I cycled from England to South Africa, a journey of over 34,000km through 30 countries.

This was my second major solo bicycle adventure. Between 2005-2008 I cycled from Japan-England.

In 2013 In returned to Africa and lived for 2 years in Tanzania, where I worked as a Teacher Trainer in a Government Education College. During the holidays I continued to make shorter tours in East and Southern Africa, posting the occasional blog update here.

In 2015 I finished my working contract and headed north from Tanzania, cycling through Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Somaliland. The tour continued beyond Africa, going on to Oman and the UAE, where I finished in February 2016.

With over 50,000km of cycle touring experience on the continent I hope the pages and blog posts here act as a useful resource and source of inspiration for anyone planning to tour in Africa. 


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Distance cycled so far: Lost count long ago