I was born in London, but grew up in a small village in Nottinghamshire with fond memories of my Raleigh bikes. After graduating from the University of London with a Geography degree I quickly found my wanderlust backpacking through Southern Africa. I later stumbled upon the storiesphotos and books of people exploring the World on two wheels and realised it would probably be a much more fulfilling way to travel. In 2003 I moved to Japan to teach English and two years later began The Long Ride Home, a 50,000km bicycle journey back home.

A Long Ride Home

On returning in 2008 I used my photography to speak to a range of audiences and started working again as an English Language Teacher. It wasn’t for long. I was soon restless for another two-wheeled adventure and in 2009 left the UK to cycle to South Africa.

The Big Africa Cycle was another long journey, traversing over 30 countries and clocking up more than 34,000km.

I returned to the UK in the summer of 2012, but in early 2013 found myself back in Africa, working as a Teacher Trainer in Tanzania.

While working here I continued to explore more of East and Southern Africa by bicycle, before leaving in June 2015 on a tour that finished in the United Arab Emirates in early 2016.

Having now regularly cycle-toured for the past 10 years I probably qualify as something of a veteran, although the list of places I’d like to see and cycle continues to grow.

My writing and photos can be seen in the last two editions of the Adventure Cycle Touring Handbook. I’ve also contributed articles to the CTC MagazineAdventure Cycling Magazine and various other on-line and travel/cycle publications that might come up in a google search.