During The Big Africa Cycle I raised funds for The Against Malaria Foundation (AMF), an organisation that helps to combat Africa’s most deadly disease through the distribution of mosquito nets.

Unlike many other charities the AMF has no administration costs. Each net costs less than $5 and 100% of funds donated to the charity are spent on nets. You can read how this is achieved here. In a recent independent review from Givewell, the AMF were one of only a few charities to be rated as recommended.

Malaria exists in a large number of countries through which I have cycled in Africa. During my journey from England to South Africa I stopped to speak in many schools to help fundraise. I also became involved in the distribution of bed nets in several countries.

The fact that something as simple as a mosquito net really does make a difference to preventing malaria is the reason I chose to support this charity.

While I am no longer actively fundraising for the organisation, it is still possible to make a secure online donation by visiting

Donate here Against Malaria Foundation