I have spoken to a wide range of audiences and age-groups about my journeys by bicycle, using the talks to inspire, educate, entertain, motivate and make people more aware about the World around them. During the Big Africa Cycle I spoke in schools, clubs and organisations about the expedition, using the opportunities as a way to raise awareness and funds for the Against Malaria Foundation.

UK Speaking

American International School Lisbon

  • “He skilfully managed his talks to a diverse age range of students, all of whom were totally engaged, enthralled and inspired by his stories and wonderful pictures from around the world. Teachers likewise were keen to participate and the time Peter spent with us was very busy and very productive”.(Peter Lawrence, Sotogrande International School, Spain)

  • “His engaging presentation offered up life possibilities that many of our students had never before considered. The opportunity to have such an inspiring role model on campus is not to be missed”. (Alex Dailey, Rabat International School, Morocco)

  • “Peter’s talk was inspirational.  He taught our students that what one person can accomplish is limitless if you have the dedication and drive to succeed.  He also spoke on the topic of malaria in Africa and how his journey was about raising money and awareness to help combat this deadly disease.  As a result our students and staff are organizing a lap-a-thon to help contribute to the Against Malaria Foundation”. (Matthew Gaetano: Director of International School of Nouakchott, Mauritania)
  • Peter presents himself as exceptionally thoughtful and gracious, patient and engaging, encouraging questions and discussion, be it  with primary-aged children, middle-schoolers, or adults. (Tod Spedding: 6th Grade Teacher: International School of Dakar)

  • “Peter easily engaged all our students in a wonderful presentation. The students were impressed by his breathtaking photos, inspired by his stories and dedication,  and motivated by his inspirational words. All of this engaged them in a successful soapbox race as a contribution to the Against Malaria Foundation”. (Leen Permentier, 5-8 grade Social Studies teacher, The Banjul American Embassy School)

  • The students really enjoyed the experience and I was glad to introduce them to someone doing something outside their everyday experiences. (Julie Rymer, International University of Grand Bassam, Cote d’ Ivoire 

  • Your presentation was truly inspiring as it taught me to follow my dreams. It was an honour having you at our school. (6th Grade student: ICS, Abuja, Nigeria)

  • Peter did a wonderful job of broadening the perspective of our students.  His presentation was clear, insightful and engaging, and he truly did a great job of illustrating the importance of determination and perseverance in meeting life goals. (Al Persenaire, Hillcrest School Jos, Nigeria)

  • Entertaining,  informative, interesting… his pictures were stunning and he opened our student’s eyes to another Africa. (Diane Davis: Bishop Mackenzie International School, Lilongwe, Malawi)


    “We were all very privileged to have the opportunity of hearing a superb lecture – an amazing story of determination and endurance, told with real passion and illustrated with a beautiful series of photographs. Every pupil who I have spoken to in the last week has said he/she thoroughly enjoyed the talk”. (Roger Keeley, Bradfield College)

    “You’ve completed a feat that few Singaporeans could only dream of doing. Thank you for coming down to SMU to be an inspiration to the students, telling us that such a dream doesn’t always need to reside in our imaginations. Those who heard you speak left the room feeling awe-struck and stimulated” (Katherine Kee Aik Min, Singapore Management University)

    “Peter’s presentation of an epic journey was truly inspirational. Both the staff and Sixth Form were captivated from start to finish and my only regret is that we did not have more time to deal with all of the many questions at the end. With his relaxed and articulate delivery, Peter engaged fully with his audience, his words enhancing the wonderful pictures and bringing them to life. I thoroughly recommend him as a speaker for any audience of any age group – before addressing our Sixth Form he had delighted the Junior School boys, and later inspired the Scout Group”. (Colin Sedgewick,  Head of Sixth Form: Nottingham Boys High School)

    “Peter’s Long Ride Home was an enthralling narrative which appealed to pupils from a wide range of A level disciplines: an elegant synthesis of Geography and History; of cultural studies and comparative religion; and enlivened throughout by some beautiful photographic imagery and by the human dramas which exploration and discovery inevitably entail”. (Gordon Catherwood, Highgate School)

    “His invaluable experience and awe inspiring photography truly encapsulates his phenomenal travels. He speaks effortlessly and evokes a feeling in his audiences that inspire them to undertake their own life changing expeditions”. (Kate Foster, Geography dpt, Royal Holloway University of London)

    “An extraordinary journey told with humility and a strong sense of optimism for humanity. Peter had 200 Sixth Formers entirely engaged for a full hour over lunch on the last day of term – a remarkable achievement indeed.” (Richard Salmon, Canford School)

    “Peter’s talk had nearly all of our Sixth Form on the edges of their seats; quite something for a Friday afternoon session. It was a truly inspirational talk, covering the challenges and many delights of discovering the World by bicycle”. (Tony Haines: Head of Geography, Kingswood School)