The companies listed here have at some stage provided support for the Big Africa Cycle.

  • Lyon Equipment
    Lyon Equipment selected The Big Africa Cycle for their expedition award scheme.
  • Littlefish
    Littlefish provided IT support for the website.
  • Juno Web Design
    Juno Web Design designed and developed the site.
  • Brooks
    Brooks have been making bicycle saddles since 1882. The B17 is a classic touring saddle and was supplied to me before I started the journey.
  • Buff
    Multi-functional headwear manufacturers, Buff supplied a range of colourful headscarfs.
  • Park Tools
    Park Tools provided various bike tools.
  • Surly
    Surly provided me with a front rack It has remained solid and strong on Africa’s worst roads.
  • Schwalbe
    Schwalbe’s XR range of tyres make a suitable choice for Africa’s roads.
    • Lifesystems
      Lifesystems provided water purification tablets and a First Aid kit before starting the journey.
    • Lowepro
      Lowepro provided a camera bag.
    • Craghoppers
      Craghoppers kindly supplied a pair of zip-off trousers and some lightweight clothing.
    • Tilley
      Tilley make quality hats, and have kept my head out of the African sun.
    • MSR
      MSR  provided me with their very popular Hubba Hubba tent – ideal for  Africa as it offers plenty of ventilation for sleeping in hot conditions.

Bolle supplied a pair of sunglasses.



  • Solar Technology International
    Solar Technology make a range of solar powered devices and supplied a Freeloader charger for the journey.

Carvalho Custom

Carvalho Custom designed and made cycling jerseys and shorts.

LightHouse network solutions

LightHouse Network Services supplied and shipped a replacement Laptop keyboard.

Rohan kindly provided some travel clothing.

Wheelsmith built a new front wheel with a dynamo hub. A relatively new edition to my rig (May 2014).

Polar Bikewear kindly supplied a range of bike clothing to me in 2015.