• An extended rest stop August 31st, 2009

    Eight continuous days on the bike and eight continuous days off. It wasn’t the plan to take such a long rest stop so early into the trip. French hospitality is partly to blame and my time here in the small village of Massac might be one of the most relaxing I’ll have on the road. Eating and socialising seems to  consume half of the day and the only difficulty, or rather frustration, has been my inability to converse in a language I regret not paying more attention to at school. It woud have made more sense during the months leading up to departure to have invested more of my time into studying French rather than researching what equipment to take with me, particularly as I plan to cycle through a lot of Francophone Africa. It’s never too late to learn of course, but Spain and Portugal come between here and another French speaking country.

  • Roads to La Rochelle August 26th, 2009

    The sky over Cherbourg was decidedly overcast as I free-wheeled off the ferry onto French soil – a bit like the contents of my head. Two hangovers in two consecutive days; it was no wonder that the reality of leaving home and cycling to Cape Town had yet to sink in.

    Cherbourg looked as unappealing at 7am to linger in as Poole would for any first time visitor. Catherine, my cycling partner for the week ahead, seemed to be in equal agreement.