• South from Windhoek June 9th, 2012

    There’s too much to write about in this blog post. I’m currently sat in a restaurant in Springbok, South Africa, wearing the warmest clothes I have. The temperature outside is about 10 degrees Celcius and I doubt it will get much warmer in the days to come. “You’ve arrived at the wrong time of year”, says Jan, the restaurant manager whose house I was invited to stay in last night.

  • Radio Interview in Windhoek May 14th, 2012

    For those of you who probably never got to hear me being interviewed on Radio here in Windhoek last week, here is the recording. I’m off again tomorrow. Back on the gravel and heading south. Another two weeks and I should be crossing into South Africa.

  • Grinding along gravel May 11th, 2012

    I first saw them standing in the queue at a supermarket check-out; two teenage girls buying a loaf of bread and some milk. In such modern surroundings it came as quite a shock. They looked like they’d walked off a ‘Lord of the Rings’ film set. There was the orange and oily skin, the long, thick, snake-like braids of hair, an over-powering and unpleasant body odour, and perhaps most noticeably of all, the absence of any clothing other than an animal-skinned loincloth.

  • Video from the road: Northern Nambia April 23rd, 2012

    More long, straight and flat roads in the past week. I didn’t expect to have good enough Internet connection to upload a video, but recorded this a few days ago heading west from Rundu to Oshikati. That map in the journey page of this website is now finally accurate. I’m heading a little bit further to the west from here and then turning south. I think/hope the landscape will become a bit more varied, but the distances between places look equally as far.


  • Beers and braais on the Zambezi April 17th, 2012

    I saw elephants on the road out of Zimbabwe. They saw me too. First it was the back end of one, and metres later the front end of another. They were only 10-15 metres away, munching away where the edge of the bush met the roadside fire-break. I wouldn’t have seen them in a car, and it was only at the last second as I turned to make eye contact and receive a startled ear flap did I suddenly think “Shit”.

    Well I had been warned. There was plenty of fresh poop on the road and the folk from Vic Falls had told me to be vigilant.